HSE - Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults 

The HSE Safeguarding and Vulnerable Adults Section on the HSE website has the contact details for each Safeguarding and Protection Teams in each of the 9 CHO areas, links to training, advice and information on safeguarding. 

Safeguarding Ireland 

Safeguarding Ireland was established to promote the safeguarding of adults who may be vulnerable, protect them from all forms of abuse by persons, organisations and institutions and develop a national plan for promoting their welfare. This will be achieved by promoting inter-sectoral collaboration, developing public and professional awareness and education, and undertaking research to inform policy, practice and legislation in the Republic of Ireland. In December 2017, Safeguarding Ireland published its first Strategic Plan which spans a five‐year period until the end of 2021.

Sage Advocacy 

Sage is the National Advocacy Service for Older People. It also supports vulnerable adults and healthcare patients in certain situations where no other service is available. It responds according to a person's needs with Information – Support – Advocacy – Safeguarding and often a combination of all these approaches. It also identifies, analyses and highlights issues which require systems changes through Systemic Advocacy. 

Assisted Decision-Making Legislation & Decision Support Service

The Decision Support Service (DSS) has been established to promote the rights and interests of people who may need support with decision-making. The service registers decision support arrangements and supervise decision supporters. 

Law Reform Commission 

In April 2024 the Law Reform Commission launched their "Report on a Regulatory Framework for Adult Safeguarding". The comprehensive report recommends new structures, legislation and policies which would strengthen adult safeguarding in Ireland, particularly for adults at greater risk of harm due to a disability, age-related frailty, an acquired brain injury or serious illness.

Department of Health: Adult Safeguarding Legislation

The Department of Health has been working on developing legislation in regard to Adult Safeguarding. 

Joint Committee on Disability Matters - Ensuring rights based adult safeguarding in Ireland  

In April 2024, the Joint Committee on Disability Matters launched a report on ensuring rights based adult safeguarding in Ireland. This report focusses on two public meetings undertaken by the Committee; 31 March 2022 HIQA, Sage Advocacy, the Irish Association of Social Workers and Professor Brendan Kelly, professor of psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin attended. Safeguarding Ireland attended a public meeting on 21 February 2024. Several key findings and recommendations arose from the meetings.